Health Care Dialogue Analysis

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A very interesting article on the CBS News Healthwatch website presented a dialogue which described the healthcare debate right on point. The dialogue represented the many different perspectives involved in this debate. The scenario is of a patient who has acute appendicitis and goes in for treatment. Throughout the dialogue, the surgeon suggests doing an operation right away, the medical equipment salesman suggests using advanced tools, the administrator is concerned about using the most efficient treatment method, the owner of a drug company suggests treating with only antibiotics, and then the funeral director suggests not doing anything (CBSNews 2009). After the dialogue is complete, the article states “Very smart people are zoning out…show more content…
However, I think due to the nature and large scope of this debate, people are beginning to lose focus on what the actual purpose and goal of this debate is. As the author mentioned that many people are zoning out because it is getting too complicated. I find it unfortunate but I have been one of those people. Every time I hear of the debate, it is brought up in a completely new light which totally confused be over time. However, after reading more and more about it, I can see that due to the long period of time given for discussion about this issue, focus has totally shifted from being about fair healthcare coverage for all people to the selfish reasons for which the debaters are picking their sides. For example, in the dialogue from the article, each member involved is considering treatment according to their own selfish gains from the final decision. Everyone kind of forgot that the point of treatment is to provide care for the sick individual who needs attention quick. This example is like an analogy for the health care debate. The end goal should be about the betterment of all people and not for individual selfish gains. Yes, it cannot be denied that since the healthcare debate involves numerous professions, people, and companies. However, instead of just looking at individual selfish gains, people are forgetting to see that if health coverage is provided for all, it ends up saving everyone’s money, the government, the businesses, the people, and the health care facilities. The government saves money because more people will be able to afford health care and have access to care when they need, which helps them live healthier lives. This, in the end, helps prevent illness and diseases which could have gone untreated if the people did not have health insurance. Therefore, less is spent on healthcare for un-insured people who use the emergency room for

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