Medical Cards Essay

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Assignment 2 1. What is the motivation for introducing medical smart cards and what are their benefits? The main motivations for introducing medical smart cards is the need to reduce the cost of healthcare and the need to integrate modern technology. Medical smart cards help reduce costs in healthcare because there's no more need to waste money on paper records. The only thing costs of such a system would be the hardware and software needed. These would only be initial costs so in the long-term smart cards would actually save money in comparison to today's paper based system. The need to stay up to date with today's technology is becoming more and more demanding because there's a constant need to improve healthcare and technology is usually the catalyst to those requirements. One benefit of using a medical smart card system is that it reduces fraud considerably. This is because there is more security with such a system thanks to photo and online verifications. Another benefit is that it gives up to date information on patients and medication history. It totally cuts out accidental deaths or illnesses due to mistakes in crossover reactions. Thirdly, it hugely improves the quality of care a patient will receive thanks to being able to quickly and accurately identify a patient. 2. Where do you see similarities and differences between both approaches? The two approaches are a direct adoption of electronic medical records and an application of existing technology to an imminent problem by using personal medical smart cards. One similarity between these two approaches is that they both move on from the traditional paper approach and adapt a certain amount of technology. Both use an electronic approach, the first simply digitizes current medical records while the second wants to start from scratch and develop a whole new system for maintaining and transferring
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