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1. COMPUTERIZED PHYSICIAN ORDER ENTRY DERRICA WRIGHT HCIS/255C Computerized physician order entry is a process of electronic entry of medical practitioner instructions for the treatment of patients (particularly hospitalized patients) under his or her care. These orders are communicated over a computer network to the medical staff or to the department’s pharmacy, laboratory, or radiology responsible for fulfilling the order. CPOE decreases delay in order completion, reduces errors related to handwriting or transcription, allows order entry at the point of care or off-site, provides error-checking for duplicate or incorrect doses or tests, and simplifies inventory and posting of charges. CPOE is a form of patient management software.…show more content…
Handwritten reports or notes, manual order entry, non-standard abbreviation and poor legibility lead to errors and injuries to patients, according to a 1999 Institute of Medicine Report. CPOE significantly improved timely discontinuation of antibacterial from 38.8 percent of surgeries to 55.7 percent in the intervention hospital. CPOE/e-prescribing systems can provide automatic dosing alerts (for example, letting the user know that the dose is too high and thus dangerous and interaction checking. In this way, specialist in pharmacy informatics work with the medical and nursing staff at hospitals to improve the safety and effectiveness of medication use by utilizing CPOE systems. In using CPOE for medications, orders are incorporated with patient information, such as other prescriptions and lab results, which can be automatically checked for potential errors or problems. This real-time cross-check improves optimal drug selection and reduces errors at the time of ordering. This is a safer and more effective way to order medications than using prescription pads or paper forms. It reduces the chance of selecting medications for which the patient has a known allergy, or drugs that are off-formulary for their health plan. Additionally, the medication information is updated in the patient’s medical record and easily available for follow-up visits. A major advantage of CPOE functionality is built-in clinical decision support. Alerts appear when orders are entered for medications or treatment that may cause an adverse reaction to a drug or drugs that had previously been ordered for that patient. The same applies to dosing errors—if a care provider ordered 250 mg of a drug for a 10-year-old patient, but maximum dosage is

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