Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Name Communication Paper/ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) HCS 490 Date Instructor- Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Many of years paper based medical records has been the main source for communication between health care providers, but with the current changes with technology and the advancements it offers has changed most of patient information from paper to electronic, this new change is an attempt to completely go away with paper and give providers an easier and quicker way to retrieve patients information. Most has found that using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) verses paper charts is a positive change. EMR is mainly used for documenting…show more content…
When papers charts are used, the patient information can easily be stolen, copied, misplaced, and destroyed. The only way of keeping paper charts half way safe was to lock them up, and for EMR you only have to worry about keeping the password secured (Dr. Crounse, 2005). Social networking and Media Social media gives the health care industry constant challenges to face. New changes with both industries helps will help health care providers to communicate with the public. Communication modes used for marketing health care products and…show more content…
Consumers are more interesting in the way technology has advanced with in the health care era. Patients are aware that all medical information is safely kept in a computer, but are concern of possible typos or errors that happens with the use of computers. On the flip side consumers understand that retrieving the health information can be done faster for test results and other important information that may usually take weeks to retrieve. Consumers now know it is easier for them to request refills on medication, and sent to the pharmacy quicker. Consumers realize medical providers are gaining a better way to manage the medical information, which will help improve the health care industry, and provide positive medical care. Electronic medical records has become a replacement for paper charting, the main reason for EMR is to provide better and accurate care, in a faster and safer manner. It also allows all providers in the same system to manage patient information faster. EMR offers many beneficial changes in how patient care is manage, and fewer errors, yes there is still glitch that has to be corrected in the system, but the overall purpose of

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