Hcs 482 Technology And Decision Making Research Paper

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Technology and Decision Making HCS/482 April 16, 2012 George De Rosa Technology and Decision Making Technology is everywhere! In today’s world, technology is an important part of everything. It has an effect on almost all aspects of a person’s life, from infancy to end of life. Technology in health care is one of the fastest growing advances in technological science. Computer systems are in every health care facility and used for many purposes, from the simplest process of gathering data down to the expert systems that are assisting physicians. Patients are making informed decisions based upon the technological advances readily that are readily available. The purpose of this paper is to examine the role that technology plays…show more content…
These experts are not always readily available to everyone. To assist medical and health care providers with decisions about care and treatment of a patient expert systems have been developed. Expert systems are computer systems that functions with artificial intelligence. According to Engelbardt and Nelson (2002), expert systems are automated decision support systems that use knowledge and a set of rules for using the knowledge to interpret data and information to formulate recommendations. They work without input from the user. Expert Systems have helped evolve the health care field to what it is today. Expert systems are used just as x-rays and lab values are obtained to improve the human understanding of a patient’s condition. Health care workers do not always have the knowledge base to treat every condition encountered. Expert systems are used to close the gap in knowledge providing effective, efficient, and accurate care. MRI and CT machines have the capability to capture images of a patient’s body part without someone controlling the…show more content…
Analysis of the use of technology in health care shows favorable, and the future of health care technology and patient information systems will only continue to grow. Technology allows patients to remain in their home and have their disease process monitored remotely. Patients have the opportunity to participate actively in their health care and maintenance by using telemonitoring devices. Electronic devices to monitor values, such as blood pressure and heart rate readings, pulse oximetry, and pacemaker monitors are also used remotely. The use of technology has been effective in assisting to reduce health care costs for individuals because they are more closely monitored and are proactive in detecting complications before they become severe enough to require further treatment or hospitalization. Technology is a modern method to manage patient care in a safe and effective way, to help keep insurance costs down, and to assist health care organizations with financial management in difficult economic times. Technology currently plays a large role in health care, and the future is sure to hold many more changes and advancements to assist patient care and management. In the future, health care providers will find themselves using more methods of

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