Health Business Essay

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Case 5: “The Health Business” The Stakeholders: -Christy deMeurers and her family who had to undertake the cost of treating the cancer upon themselves. -Health Net and its doctors who were trying to keep medical costs down. -UCLA Medical centre and its cancer unit. The Dilemma: There seem to be multiple dilemmas involved in this case and depending on which the actions of the various individuals in this case can be scrutinized. The first dilemma involves the doctors of Health Net i.e. Dr Gupta, Dr. Schinke and Dr. McMillan wherein they have an interest in keeping the costs per patient within the capitation fee so that they can either earn extra income or avoid having to pay money to cover the extra costs above the capitation fee, while on the other hand they have a duty as doctors to provide the best possible treatment that gives Christy a chance to overcome her illness regardless of the costs involved. The second dilemma involves UCLA Medical Clinic’s Cancer unit who could possibly lose an extremely profitable business relationship with Health Net thus putting them in a financial crisis if they allowed the transplant to occur but on the other hand they had already agreed to give Christy a transplant and not doing so under pressure from Health Net would be immoral and could possibly open them to a potential lawsuit by Christy and her family. Common Sense Morality: With regards to Health Net and some of their doctors like Dr. Gupta and Dr. McMillan, they have certainly violated the ideals of ‘Common Sense’ morality which consists of being honest, fair and doing no harm to the parties involved. They were not honest to Christy when they deemed her treatment to be “Investigational” whereas it was a pretense to keeping their costs below the capitation fee since the bone marrow transplant would cost $100,000. Health Net’s actions could also potentially have
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