Jerry Mccall Refill Case Study

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ETHICS CASE STUDY BRANDI M C UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX In healthcare many things go off of ethics, every healthcare worker has to understand that. In this case study Jerry Mccall has to decide whether to call in a medication refill without consulting the doctor first. Many things need to be considered like legal consequences, patient complications, consequences for Dr. Williams. All of these could have grave consequences for Jerry. In this case study Jerry Mccall takes a call asking for a prescription refill, the person requesting the refill isn’t a normal patient of Dr. Williams he states he is a close friend. This situation puts Jerry in a real tough place, however Jerry is not the doctor and shouldn’t issue refill request to anyone including…show more content…
Williams first would be a malpractice lawsuit if something was to go wrong with the caller taking the medication. If the patient passed away from complications of taking the refill then that opens the door for a wrongful death lawsuit. Jerry could lose his license as well as Dr. Williams if Jerry calls in the refill and the patient has an adverse reaction. When it comes to problem solving for this situation, Jerry just need to weigh out the pros and cons of him calling in the refill without consulting Dr. Williams. He needs to think about what is best for the practice, for Dr. Williams, and what’s best for Jerry and his job. He has to consider laws and the possible complications with the caller. At the end of the day Jerry needs to do what’s ethically right and that would be to wait and consult with Dr. Williams before calling in the refill. In the end Jerry should always consult Dr. Williams before calling in a medication refill. Jerry making that decision on his own could result in death of the patient, or life changes complications. It could result in both Jerry and Dr. Williams losing their licenses to practice in medicine. It could result in a malpractice and or wrongful death
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