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Indigent Care in Georgia Mountains Health Clinic Amy Creek University of North Georgia Indigent Care in Georgia Mountains Health Clinic The Georgia Mountains Health Clinic is an indigent care, sliding scale, primary healthcare agency that provides services to those with little or no health insurance. The rural Georgia mountain region is one that has been plagued with less-than-satisfactory health for many years due to lack of resources according to the Georgia Department of Community Health (GADHC, 2007). Because of the lack of resources, poor health in a community effects more than just those suffering with chronic diseases, injuries, and/or illnesses. This is why the Georgia Mountains Health Service was founded in 1984 (Georgia Mountains…show more content…
Because of this, two-thirds of the patients seen on that day had multiple comorbidities possibly due to lack of preventative care. The report from the GADCH states that individuals without health insurance lag behind the insured population on many dimensions including having decreased rates of preventative care leading to multiple comorbidities resulting in fair to poor health (2007). When this happens, there are more sick days (usually without pay) resulting into lower income for this population that is already struggling to make ends meet. This impacts the entire region’s productivity leading into a cascading effect for rural areas (GADCH,…show more content…
Offices such as this strive to prevent the devastating impact health care absenteeism creates. With a focus on preventative measures, such as family planning services and health screenings, the financial and other burdens disease and poor health create for the patient, family, and region are lessened (NCPP, 2009). While many of the patients that were treated had multiple comorbidities, the clinic staff strives to overcome costly and perhaps deadly complications by providing services, including educating clients, at little to no cost to minimize economic strain and maximize health benefits. Because of an increase in the lack of insurance availabilities to this population, clinics such as this will have a positive impact not just for those it serves directly, but to the region as a whole. This was evident at my day at the clinic by being able to participate, learn, and synthesize what a positive impact services like this provide for so many that are in need. References Department of Community Health, Georgia State Office of Rural Health. State of Georgia Rural Health Plan. (2007). Retrieved from vgn/images/portal/cit_1210/21/19/970432432007_Rural_Health_Plan.pdf Georgia Mountains Health Services Incorporated. (2013). About us. Retrieved from http://www.

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