Pediatric Community Care Center Case Study

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RUNNING HEAD: QUALITY ASSURANCE IN HEALTHCARE PHASE 4 TASK 2 AVON.MITCHELL MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES IN HEALTHCARE CTU ONLINE HCM387-1202B-01 INSTRUCTOR: ALAN FOWLER JUNE 18, 2012 QUALITY ASSURANCE IN HEALTHCARE RUNNING HEAD: UNIQUE CHALLENGES IN HEALTHCARE PLANNING ABSTRACT The pediatric community care center will open a new wing in our community, as the administrator for the new facility I will place a multidisciplinary…show more content…
Medicaid reimbursements make it challenging to properly care for patients, as well as the investment in technology. As the continuing epidemiological process in the community is changing shape of mortality and morbidity, so chronic and non- communicable diseases and injuries is accountable for the growing part of the overall circumstance of ill health. The location of the clinic places many challenges on the demographics and epidemiological data. Hiring qualified staff and providing a diverse workplace is a major key to avoiding many challenges. Opening a satellite pediatric facility in Greenwood, Austria is a huge risk, the population is 9,569 people, and the population favors the elderly. Most of the population of people have very little education, and the hospitals have only on pediatric clinic, many of the family homes are of low income, and given the epidemiological data and demographic this brings many challenges when opening a new satellite pediatric clinic. Challenges faced when opening a new satellite pediatric clinic in…show more content…
A multicultural team is about increasing awareness and tolerance and it help eliminate conflict. Developing a base with multicultural beliefs and practices will help healthcare organization meet the challenges of caring for patients of diverse culture. Miscommunication causing misunderstanding will become a major challenge and there will be many conflicts on the job relating to performance. Having a rapport with the community can be a challenge, when opening a new pediatric clinic trying to build trust in this community, people might be accustom to how they been providing medical treatment for their children. The knowledge of choosing the best software, equipment, managing cash flow, technology to capture information for reports, and billing (Kravitz, D.A, 2011). Managing the staff: The knowledge and skills required to be a successful manager are many and complex in a new clinic and environment. Knowing the personnel functions of management and having an in depth understanding of the many laws and regulations governing the labor force. Within the team you must exercise your power for the benefit of the team for the effective productivity. Management will develop recruiting skills, and be able to motivate and utilize strategies that will aid high employee performance with the intention to develop good rapport with the community. Utilizing quality

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