Health Care Reform: Guidelines For Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare Reform I never imagined I would gain so much weight working in healthcare. We had food in our office everyday, all day long. The drug representatives were constantly bringing in food, pens, paper, and anything you could think of. We had a schedule of which rep was bringing what on what day. Not only was there a constant surplus of food and office supplies, but they would also offer us incentives. If our doctor wrote so many prescriptions of their drug we would get gift cards. The reps would even sponsor our Christmas parties, annual office trips, and golfing trips for our doctor. I have to admit it was a little out of hand. Patients were coming in, prescriptions were being written, and the doctor was getting reimbursed for the…show more content…
Insurance premiums have gone up and the coverage has gone down. As a result, patients are not going to the doctor as much as they used to, which means there aren’t as many prescriptions being written. Also, the reimbursement from the insurance companies is not what it used to be as far as the amount and not in the timely manner of which. Insurance companies are requiring more and more paperwork, especially government funded plans. This paperwork takes time from the doctor that he could be spending with the patients. Guidelines for seeing a specialist or for certain prescriptions have become very monitored. A lot of doctors have closed their practice to government funded plans because of the massive amount of paperwork and preauthorization’s that are required for the simplest of care. Not to mention the reimbursement rate is very low and much delayed. With the unemployment rates so high; more and more Americans have to go on a government funded plan. These plans are very time consuming for the doctors which again takes away from patient care time. Yes, the incentives were out of hand before with the drug companies, but now the regulations for such are very strict and very limited, why can’t we find a happy medium. Now, with the healthcare reform benefits, premiums, and services covered will be a lot worse. Guidelines and limitations on prescriptions, tests, and specialists will be even more stringent. This forces doctors to spend more time on paperwork and less with the patients. Doctors will have to raise their fees in order to compensate for the reduction in patient

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