Case Study: Newland Memorial Hospital

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Analysis Job Hanchen Li St. Thomas University MAN-703 Human Resource Management (HRM) Dr. Dominique Sweeting January 12, 2014 Introduction I am the new Vice President of Human Resource for Newland Memorial Hospital (NMH), a 300 bed for-profit healthcare organization. This organization has had difficulty with employee retention and employee empowerment. Customer satisfaction has been low and profits have decreased. NMH is surrounded by a diverse community. And now our hospital needs a Vice President of Quality Management, to change our situation. Job Description 300 beds hospital has opening for a Vice President of Quality Management. Reporting to the CEO, this individual is responsible for the direction of the Quality Management…show more content…
Vice president of quality management duty is, without prejudice to the interests of the hospital at the same time, improve customer satisfaction, motivate employees, and regulatory and other health. Performance Requirements for the Position First, candidates must have strong independent decision maker and risk taker, if Vice President of Quality Management found some problems, he can make decision without CEO. Second, candidates should have excellent influencing and negotiation skills and excellent written and oral communication skills with internal and external business partners and employees. Third, candidates should comprehensive understanding of functional areas and the impact in performance and performance measurement of quality. Knowledge and Skills Vice President of Quality Management needs to know management knowledge and some management skills, such as communication. Vice President of Quality Management should have excellent project management, analytical, documentation, and customer service and presentation skills. (Thelma,…show more content…
Not only to improve hospital efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time, but also concerned about the status of employees. The most important communicative competence of managers, through their contagious passion and speeches, motivate staff. Good communication with employees, understand the needs of employees. Candidates need to know how to effectively motivate employees, making employees work more efficiently. Ultimately makes customer satisfaction improved, hospitals are able to earn more

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