Pros And Cons Of Using EHR

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Using Electronic Health Records U05a1 Anna Lowe IT3006 Communication Strategies for the IT Professional Introduction This report will explain what Electronic Health Records are, the benefits to healthcare facilities and the patients they serve. With new technology created on a daily basis, the healthcare industry is not taking advantage of what is readily available to them. This report will explain many of the reasons most healthcare facilities are lacking this new technology and what being discussed to remedy this issue. There are many discussions that have been going on for years to ensure that the healthcare industry moves forward into the 21st century. Many feel that the costs of such programs…show more content…
The positive side of using EHRs is that it will benefit the patient by giving them convenience, portability, and efficiency. Patients can go to what healthcare facility they choose and not have to worry about their records becoming lost or missing important information. Their privacy remains intact due to several security measures put in place to prevent unwanted users to gain access (National Library of Medicine. 1996). For doctors and hospitals, the pros of using EHRs are that they reduce clerical errors and gives them computerized decision support (Hoffmann, 2009). Studies have also shown that using EHRs can save billions of dollars each year because the software companies are making it is easy to use and take minimal training (Buell, Set/Oct 2009). The primary beneficiary will be the insurance companies who will save money by streamline the claims process and reduce duplicate tests and procedures (Middleton,…show more content…
Based on the information presented in this paper, EHRs can be beneficial to the healthcare industry by saving money and reducing errors but also can benefit the patient by having the doctors and hospitals they go to be more efficient, convenient, and allows the caregiver to spend more time with the patient instead of updating paperwork. With the ease of new software in development, healthcare facilities will train properly and quickly so they are not losing focus on the patient. Cost may be a major factor now why the healthcare industry has not already embraced this technology but that will soon change with the new incentive programs coming in the near future. By 2014, these incentives will be in place and the healthcare industry will grow in the 21st

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