Pros and Cons of Emr

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Pros and Cons of EMR Before electronic medical records many facilities were keeping their records manually. For a long time this was working for the healthcare industry. Today, many healthcare company use electronic medical record keeping due to the advantages of the electronic way versus the manual way. Keeping records manually would protect the company from dealing with computer issues and malfunctions and well as protect confidentiality of the records (Administrative Medical Assisting). These are both huge advantages in a fast paced industry however; electronic medical record keeping seems to have more advantages to the industry. Using the electronic method, companies are able to have multiple users of the system, the software used is able to prevent errors from being made, the records and data are more easily accessed, and the software is available quickly in any situation, which comes in handy in emergency situations, it takes up less storage, documentation is legible, and the company is able to keep track of medication use (Administrative Medical Assisting). Although both ways of keeping records has been proven to work in the healthcare industry, electronic methods have proven to be more successful. With advantages comes disadvantages and both manual record keeping and electronic record keeping have disadvantages as well. Some disadvantages of manual record keeping include; only being able to be used by one person at a time, easier to misplace, more storage space is required for paperwork and errors or more likely to occur to do misprints and bad writing (Administrative Medical Assisting). These disadvantages could put a company behind in work as well as out of business. Although electronic medical record keeping has been proven a success, there are still come disadvantages to consider. The electronic methods need protection to prevent loss of data, they
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