Case Study: Elijah Heart Center

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Elijah Heart Center is a cardiac facility in the healthcare field. This clinic is able to handle all cardiac care for their patients, and assist the physicians with their diagnosis. This hospital also has outpatient services available for their patients. However, there are some issues with their profitability as a company. In this paper, I will discuss the short term and long term goals to help them. In the capital shortage section, the first recommendation mentioned was to reduce staff. If this were used it could decrease many of the expenses of the hospital on a daily basis. I agree with this option. I would first reduce the staff of the agency to save money. The hospital could save money with paying less people hourly wages. Unfortunately, if the hospital gets too busy, they could be…show more content…
This option allows for the hospitals interest to be lower which in turn allows them to expand. The prepayment limitations are also good for eight years. The best part of this option is that they can take their time and use the loan when they want to. All of the information of this project shows just how much a hospital can spend. Another loan that could also work is the EHC. This type of loan gives a three month time frame on repaying the loan. In the three month time period, Medicare will have paid them plenty each month. It should all balance out. The loan will be paid faster and the business will keep moving forward. The changing skill mix is another good idea. When other staff members of different degrees are hired, the hospital will save money. Some people with higher degrees require a contract. This usually involves a lot of money. In this project this option showed to be effective without making significant changes. Although cutting the staff members is a good option, hiring new people with lesser degrees is smarter. The choices I made here will all help the hospital increase their
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