How Might Advances in Technology and Medicine Enable Consumers to Make Healthy or Unhealthy Choices?

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How might advances in technology and medicine enable consumers to make healthy or unhealthy choices? Provide examples. HCS/490 June 2, 2015 Conversation Starter Technology is a great tool that has become an integrated part of our lives making them more convenient, efficient, and productive. Health care, like many other industries, has undergone an explosion of innovative concepts and applications that make our lives in many ways, more efficient and convenient, and in some cases, helping us to make better, informed decisions. Some examples of technological revolutionary applications in healthcare that allow us to make better decisions, are the use of computers and other electronic devices. Electronic devices make it easy for you, your doctor, and other health care providers such as, hospitals, labs, and X-ray facilities to store, share and access your health information in a fraction of the time that use to take, prior to the digital and electronic revolution. Health information technology can improve the quality of care by decreasing medical errors and assuring that all health care providers have accurate and timely information. With more accurate information and access, consumers have the opportunity to view all their information, analyze and discus treatments with physicians, even from the convenience of their own home. Patients can also have multiple opinions on diagnosis and treatment, by simply forwarding their medical files to other providers, without the need of additional expensive test; therefore, giving patients around the globe the opportunity to obtain the best informed care. This is a great advantage to the care of populations around the globe, no matter how remote the location might be. However, the access to personal records is something that should be handled very seriously, since not all consumers will be able to interpret or

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