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Information Systems Briefing Katrina L Gearhart HCS/483 June 18, 2012 Lynn Bertsch Information Systems Briefing When an organization decides to purchase software for Information systems in the health care field they are many factors that need to be looked at. Such as performance, features, services, support that is just to name a few. “But the bottom line is what will the organization get in return for implementing an information system” (Johnson, 2006)? Well the organization will see savings on transcriptions, higher reimbursements, staffing savings, and improved accounts receivable, a decrease in claims rejections, better collections, going green, as well as other miscellaneous things. There are many people that are involved in the purchase and selection…show more content…
There are many people that will be involved in this decision and it is not a decision that is to be taken lightly. There is all aspect of things that an organization can benefit from when implementing an information system. The biggest thing of all that an organization needs to look at when looking to implementing an information system is will it allows us to grow, will it allows to be more efficient. All of these things have to be looked and thought through carefully. The goal is that the new information system implementation will allow the company to provide better care for the patients, as well as for the company. When implementing an information system there is a lot that an organization looks at other than just the implementation process. The organization has to look at cost, training, how the stakeholders will adjust, as well as how this will help the organization all together. Well all want the organization to become better a grown with the way the technology is advancing what better way than to make an information implementation. This will help the company in many different ways as long as all steps are taken.

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