Technology In Health And Social Care Analysis

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Introduction: Farnham defines technology as the application of scientific knowledge to help humans produce goods and services more efficiently. The rapid development of technology has resulted into daily use. Technology has completely infiltrated our lives and is something that we have learned to take for granted. It impacts our daily lives (electricity, phones, building materials for our houses, clothes that we wear) as well as shapes the market (increasing trade/foreign investment between countries due to increased communication/transport – which inspires a greater level of competition for resources (incl. labour and customers). In the script, technology is analysed based up on three different factors. Analysis concerns the technology’s…show more content…
The impact of technology on people that work in the medical profession ICTs play a key role in the provision of healthcare, in both hospitals and general practice in the UK and throughout the world. These include; electronic medical records, health information systems for scheduling or research, using hand-held or portable devices to assist providers with data entry; expert systems enabling both medical practitioners and patients to access information on treatments and drug therapies. Advantages Technological advances have proved highly advantageous to the delivery of the medical service and the rise of medical information systems. Electronic medical databases are now used to record patients history, this reduces time and costs involved in employing administrators. Some medical procedures rely upon the use of computers for analysis, ie x-rays. Availability of E-health enables easy access to medical diagnosis and swift treatment. Furthermore, training and development can be attained through technology such as computer based techniques (e.g. on-the-job training), analysis of images and tele-consultation (consultation with multiple specialists in…show more content…
What needs to be kept in mind however, is that if the unplanned and the unintended consequences of technological innovation become dominant, it becomes a problem for the society, organisation and individuals. The doomsday scenario argues that humans employ technology to amoral and destructive ends, while the positive scenario is that humans have reason, choice and opportunity to take moral and just decisions about the use and application of technology and it is the ethics of new technologies and how they are used that are particularly relevant to HR

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