HCS 490: Communication In Healthcare

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Communication Paper Susan Hall HCS/490 Oct. 10, 2011 Dr.Eboni Green Communication Paper One benefit to the patient with the use of electronic records is that it is effiencient. Electronic medical record is a new way of record keeping, it is the process of moving patient’s records from paper and someone putting the records up and moving them to a computer. Computers are able to store more information, which makes this better for the patient and the doctor, as well as the insurance companies Privacy rule is balanced that it permits disclosure of personal health information needed for patient care and other purposes that are important. The security rules are a series of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to cover entities…show more content…
This will make patient records, test results, which practice guidelines make records accessible from the exam room. This allows providers the ability to consult with each other electronically and able to communicate a treatment plan. The internet has shifted toward better patient care, allowing patients to gather information on health related subjects on themselves. It allows them to communicate with their health care providers, health administrators, and other patients electronically and even receive care at home. This allows the patient to have a more active say in their health care and the tools to help improve their own health situation. Health care providers have noticed the value of engaging patients to have more said in their health care. Health care providers have noticed that by managing health care plans will streamline services and cut cost and shortened hospital stays and show patients and their families how to provide care for themselves. By using electronic communication it allows for more interaction, between consumers, business, it allows for two way communication. This allows a new way of thinking on advertising and a new way of handling public relations. Some organizations are using communication to hold meetings and use for research findings from different locations about the same documents.…show more content…
This gives the patient better care and it is safer and easier for information to be shared. Such as important information as blood type, medication, medical conditions and one’s medical history. An electronic medical record (EMR) can possibly save the patient time at the doctor’s office. Having these records efficiently accessible can be lifesaving in an emergency situation. Patients need to trust that all their information that is being shared between doctors and hospital is safe. This is where the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) comes in. HIPAA is a privacy rule which is federal and it protects one’s personal health information which covers entities and gives a patient an array of rights which respect that

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