Nursing Informatics Essay

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David Sholl ( Nut1 Task2 Nursing Informatics Computerized Management systems have been around for about 20 years or more. From the beginning until now these systems have become more user friendly, faster and more accurate. Hospitals have to make very important decisions when choosing the proper systems that meet their needs due to the high cost of the systems, they want to make sure that it becomes cost effective. The management system must have security, function and be user friendly. As of 2011 there are over 300 different EMR's on the market. The two systems that I have chose is McKesson and EpicCare by Inova. The systems are basically the same except, one is a multi data base system which is McKesson, and one is a Single data base system which is EpicCare. A. Explain how using the computerized management system could increase quality of care. • Computerized management system could increase quality of care in several ways. • Computerized Physician Order Entry or CPOE. Requires doctors to enter orders from any computer in the hospital or doctors office. • By increasing legibility and decreasing misread orders could increase quality of care and patient safety. • Sharing of information is another way to increase patient safety and quality of care by allowing other departments who are involved a patient's care to see the patient's history and physical, diagnosis, allergies and home medications. • This allows the health care team to prepare a intergraded, safe and efficient plan for the patient's care. • Alerts that are built in to the management system could increase quality of care and patient by: alerting the nurse about high risk medications, when medications are overdue, allergies, new orders, vital signs that are out of range, medication interactions, stat orders are marked in red, and

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