Emi and Ct Scanner

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Ravi Prakash Arunachalam Student ID : 12429501 1. After reading the (A) case, stop and decide: (a) Should EMI enter this business? Why/why not? Yes EMI should enter this business. The electronic medical equipment industry was rather new and had great potential. The industry was growing at a steady rate even though it was still maturing. The imagining systems that existed at the time were X-ray’s and ultrasound. The CT scanner was technologically more advanced than current imaging systems specially when it comes to 3D imaging. Three dimensional imaging is critical for finding traumas and tumors in the brain. Another advantage is, EMI will have the early mover advantage if they took this technology to the market and thus would have better profits. This also leads to a risk that EMI might have, since the technology is easy to duplicate by their competitors. Another risk is the price of $400,000 which may not be affordable by all institutions. (b) How would you implement your recommendation? Enter the market as soon as possible, thus leveraging the early mover advantages such as brand loyalty and market share. Obtain the patent for the technology so that the competitors cannot copy the technology and if they did copy they cannot sell it till the patent has expired. Establish partnerships with U.S subsidiaries who know how the market operates and have some experience in reaching out to the market. Conduct studies with medical professionals in the U.S such as surgeons so that the awareness of the CT scanner’s superior technology reaches out faster and thus recommended by medical professionals. 2. After reading the (B) case, answer the following: (a) What is your evaluation of EMI’s performance to date? EMI’s success after introducing the CT scanner was great, but there were a few problems that we emerging. Firstly it was the technology itself, it was easily

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