Inspiration on Becoming a Teacher

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What inspired me to become a teacher? In the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I remember vividly as a young girl playing school with all my stuffed animals. I even told a room full of parents at career day that, “When I grow up I was going to be a teacher”. There are several other reasons that I want to become a teacher, but the most important reason I feel that I want to be a teacher is that; I love to see the look of accomplishment when any child learns something new for the first time. No one child is identical, so why should I expect each child to learn from only one teaching method? In order to be successful as a teacher I feel that my creativity will assist in my children becoming successful in my classroom. As a teacher I must recognize the different methods that I use in the classroom can either be helpful or hurtful. While teaching as a substitute teacher I learned that students respond differently to the way things are presented. One of my job as their teacher was to continue to find another way to help them understand what I am teaching. I believe that there are numerous ways that a child can learn by, and I want to be able to encourage as much learning as possible from each child. I believe that using different methods of instruction is the most effective way to accurately determine what method will work best in my classroom. These methods can include group work, hands-on activities, and peer to peer activities. My main focus I feel should be as many hands on activities as possible because students who are engaged in something, I feel will retain more information this way. In the classroom, a child will automatically pair up with someone that they relate to in some type of way, but I believe if I incorporate random selection during some assignments a student then will have the opportunity to work with an individual that they
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