Edc 672 Week 2 Reflection Paper

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Josephine Dong EDTC 672 Task Reflection 4 The teacher that I interviewed for this assignment was a fifth grade elementary school teacher that is currently working in the Santa Ana Unified School District. According to her and the school statistics that is found on the school webpage, the school is made up of 99 percent of Hispanics. This teacher tells me that all of her students are Hispanic and there is not a lot of diversity in the schools or neighborhoods that surround them. The teacher herself is Filipino, who grew up in a very ethnically diverse neighborhood and a school that reflected the diversity of her community. Working in her current school has made her realize how important it is for her students to understand and be tolerable towards others and have a different view outside of what they are used to. She states that she sees a lot of her students using derogatory terms and racial slurs towards one another without really knowing the meaning behind them. This teacher says that she finds herself talking about tolerance and race very often in her classroom because some of her students would be…show more content…
I would want to have done the same things once I have my own classroom and I feel fairly passionate for students to understand and develop tolerance towards people who may be different than themselves. I feel that as teachers, we can take action to really mold our students to grow and be better individuals living in this world. I really do believe that issues in the matter of race/ethnicity and culture has to do with educating oneself of these things and practicing the basic matters a person should carry with themselves. I really think that these issues need to be discussed in depth when students are young and continuously because it is harder for one’s mind to see the wrong in something they believed was right for most of their

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