Informative Essay: Air Traffic Control

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One of Most Underrated Careers in the World Ever wondered how airplanes land at the airport so safely? It is all thanks to the guidance of air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers direct the airplanes from both the ground and into the air to prevent collisions and near-misses and to enhance the speed and distances between take-offs and destinations. If there are thoughts of becoming one, there is a lot of training to go through. Though the job may be tough, it sure pays off literally and figuratively. They get a good paying salary along with many other benefits as well. Becoming an air traffic controller isn’t difficult. One can simply attain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and become a licensed air traffic controller. They also need to be a US citizen, pass the security and medical examination, be under thirty-one years of age, and speak English fluently. However, there is a higher level of difficulty when it comes to training once you become one. First, you need to pass the FAA air traffic pre-employment tests. Next, a 2 to 4 year program at the FAA's Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative must be completed in order to receive an official recommendation from the school whose program that has been attended. Once a trainee has scored a 70 or above on the Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test, which is a test that is designed to evaluate one’s ability to learn how to be an air traffic controller, they have a chance to be place in the referral list. If the test was scored 70 to 84.9, they are deemed qualified. If the test has a score of 85 and above, they are deemed as well-qualified. The FAA obviously goes through the well-qualified list first. Once a trainee is on the referral list, there are two routes that they can take: the expedited route (at a PEPC (a pre-employment processing center) or the traditional route (at some local facility). This

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