The Advancement of Aerial Warfare

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The Advancement of Aerial Warfare The invention of the aircraft was similar to many other great developments in the fact it's potential was not immediately realized. Ever since the flight of the airplane model created by the Wright brothers on December 17th, 1903, warfare has changed dramatically, making the skies a territory to claim and fight for. The airplane has not only been every resourceful when it comes to transportation, strategy, and operations but it was also enlightened to develop technology that has made warfare more lethal. Therefore, we no longer have to risk many lives because the advantage that we have of being in the air. Distance is no longer a barrier for us as it use to be and number of targets have become limitless because there is no longer something that can hide. The knowledge that the airplane has brought has renovated and enhanced other weapons that have reinforced militaries everywhere. Thus, through the descriptions of planes, their functions, and the modernizing effect they have had on the face of warfare, we will explain why and how the airplane has been one of the strongest technological advancements of war in history. The creation of the airplane has become one of the most prominent technological advancements within the last couple centuries. However, what specifically has the airplane done to adjust the art warfare? In order to answer this question we must first explore the advantages airplanes have brought to the productivity and efficiency of an attack. As William Mitchell, a well known political theorist, says in his book titled Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, “Aircraft can stand off a hundred or more miles and launch air torpedoes carrying hundreds of pounds of gas, explosive or fire making compounds, and hit a place like New York practically every time” (Mitchell 40). The airplanes
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