Essay On Air Transport Regulations

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Introduction In just over a century since the first airplane flight in 1903, aviation has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. As such, it has become extremely complex environment which requires precisely defined rules and regulations in order to keep the business organized and maintain required safety performance, desired efficiency and development rate. Therefore, legislators have had a challenging task to impose precise laws and bylaws under which will aviation transport system operate. Change from regulated to deregulated airline market in last decades of 20th century has forced the air carriers to compete for passengers and market share and also required them to change business strategies, to merge and make alliances.…show more content…
The aim of this essay is to discuss passenger rights under EU regulations and critically discuss expansion of common rules defined in EU regulation EC 261/2004. Development of Air transport regulations Aviation laws and regulations have been developed along with aviation technological and business development. Introduction of Junkers F13 as the first transport aircraft with capacity of 4 passengers just after the First World War marked the new era in the aviation. International air transport was born and pretty soon it became obvious that legal aspects pertinent to carriage of air passengers should be regulated. Due to poor technological development at that time, air transport was risky and dangerous business associated with many mishaps, accidents and casualties. Since each flight had unpredictable delay and outcome, the air carriers required the passengers to sign “waivers relieving carriers of any and all liability in the event of an injury. When accidents happened, those passengers were left with no remedy for their injuries or losses “ Therefore, governments soon realized that international air
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