Haitian And Cuban Refugees Essay

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Daniel Wolfson Chapter 3 questions 1. After reading the chapter opener about Haitian and Cuban refugees, can you think of any circumstances in your home land that would compel you to risk your life to leave and find refuge in another country? For me to have to leave my country, political, social, and economic conditions must be in a very terrible state. I am content with my life today, and have in my short life already experienced powerful events like 9/11 that have changed the dynamic of my country. If, however, conditions like the Great Depression occur again, I may be forced to leave the country in search of jobs and money. The #1 factor in me leaving my country, however, would be safety. If I do not feel safe in the place where I live, I feel that I would be justified in leaving it. 2. What is the difference between periodic and cyclic movement? Please provide an example of each. Periodic movement involves long distances that may not include an eventual return to home, whereas cyclical movement is usually smaller in nature, and usually involves a return to the origin of the movement. An example of cyclical movement is when a teenager goes to school in the morning and comes back in the afternoon; periodic movement is like when a person leaves home for college and may not come back for over…show more content…
Compared to 100 years ago, when migration was a long, difficult process that was often dangerous and required years of planning, now one can buy a plane ticket online and be halfway across the world in less than a day. Advances in transportation and communication have greatly facilitated migration in efficiency and easiness. In the future, governments that wish to regulate and control immigration to and from their country must be aware of the mass of information about other countries that is out there, and have regulations in place on the many mediums of

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