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Brett Draper POSC 375 Dr. Cole 12/01/10 United States and Cuban Travel Restrictions United States restrictions on travel to Cuba have often occurred in an effort to isolate Fidel Castro’s communist government over the past 40 years. In the past, there have been many various types of travel restrictions, and there were even no travel restrictions from the years of 1977 until 1982. During the George W. Bush Administration, United States restrictions on travel increased significantly. In March 2003, the Administration eliminated travel for people-to-people educational exchanges unrelated to academic coursework. “In June 2004, the Administration further restricted family and educational travel, eliminated the category of fully-hosted travel, and restricted remittances so that they could only be sent to the remitter’s immediate family. In 2005, the Administration further restricted religious travel to Cuba by changing licensing guidelines for such travel”. My question is this, “how do Cubans, as well as Americans feel about the travel restrictions”? It is my belief that the Cubans do not like the travel restrictions imposed by the Bush Administration, and also that not as many American people are as fond of it as we may think, especially students and scholars. Since 2000, there have been several attempts to lift the Bush imposed travel restrictions on Cuba, however, the Bush Administration always threatened to veto legislation that seemed like it was meant to weaken the sanctions against Cuba. In the 110th Congress, many different legislations have been proposed that would lift or ease travel to and from Cuba, and on the issue of remittance to Cuba. These pieces of legislation include “H.R. 654 (Rangel), which is the Export Freedom to Cuba Act of 2007, and it would lift overall restrictions on travel to Cuba. A couple of bills that would lift a great portion

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