Huge Effects Of Airplanes

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Over the recent centuries, numerous inventions have been created, which changed people’s lives throughout the world. Especially, development of transportation has had a huge effect on relationship between people and between countries. Among those new the different kinds of transportation, airplanes have wielded the greatest influence upon the world in that reducing the time and distance between human beings. To begin with, the airplane ushered the modern people into a new era of the global village. Carrying a large number of people and traveling a long distance all at once, airplanes render distance between people living in different countries to seem closer, which makes people feel like living in just a huge village. That is, they can visit wherever in the world in a day, promoting cultural exchange among nations. As a result, the boundaries of nations and cultures became ambiguous. Wherever they go, for example, they can find people who drink Coca-Cola and eat Big Mac. There is no general difference between Seoul and New York, cities with tall buildings and crowded streets. The way of thinking also changed immensely due to airplanes. To take an example, people are getting out of a big frog in a little pond. Providing opportunities to take their way out abroad and to see what has been happening outside, airplanes made people think about matters from not only the national view but the global view. Human beings are exchanging more and more thoughts and cultures everyday with advance of the airplane. Airplanes contributed to cross-border diplomacy and foreign trades. As the invention enables foreign diplomatic representatives to meet at the same place with ease, they can make negotiations and agreements much faster. Moreover, aerial trades made a contribution to liberalization and expansion of trade. Compared to past trades with ships, for instance, airplanes
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