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AC McKinney Speech 377 M-TR 11:30-1:10 Speech #1 Date 6/7/12 How to Skydive Introduction 1) Skydivers have a favorite expression that says, “If riding in an airplane is flying, then sitting in a car is jogging.”(Buchanan) 2) Skydiving is an interesting activity that not only tests the limits of man but provides excitement that’s in some conditions unrivaled 3) First, why should the normal person even consider jumping out of a perfectly working plane? Second, what precautions one should take before planning their jump. Lastly, the preparations one should make leading up to their jump. 4) I chose this topic because I have recently completed two tandem jumps and currently have begun working towards receiving my Skydiving A license. Possessing this gives any skydiver the credentials to jump at basically any drop zone in the world. 5) Skydiving is something almost anyone can do. It is something that can be done alone or in groups. Many people look for fun things to do with friends and don’t want to watch movies or shoot each other with paintballs. Skydiving gives a thrill and sense of fun that can’t be duplicated but can be shared between people. Body 1) Too many lives eventually become mundane and boring leaving most stuck looking for excitement in the most humdrum of tasks. Jumping out of a plane is essentially all the excitement you can take plus more. A. While skydiving is fun many people simply do not see a reason to do it. At the same time many are simply not prevented with the opportunity. Yes, we see it done at football games and other events but it’s never presented as something that anyone else can do for fun. B. However, for many simply seeing skydiving is a reason to do it or want to do it. Skydiving is as much of a thrill as climbing a mountain but without all the stress and strain. George Mallory famously answered

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