Jetblue Ipo Case

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Background of JetBlue’s IPO Initial Public Offering indicates private companies firstly sell the stocks to the public. JetBlue airways grew quickly together with the low fare airline industry. In order to support its high growth trend and offset portfolio losses by its venture-capital investors, JetBlue decided to go public. Is JetBlue ready to go public at this time period? Going public when the airline industry are still suffering from 9.11 attack is adventurous, especially it is even harder when the competition of the airline industry is severe, given the fact that 87 new-airline failure over the past 20 years. However, JetBlue has good management team with strong capability, and it has considerable competitive advantage compared to comparable companies, hence there are more opportunities and strengths than threats and weaknesses. JetBlue’s executive management team have rich experience in the airline industry. CEO David Neeleman has extensive experience with airline start-ups and worked in various low-fare flights. COO David Barger and CFO John Owen had worked in airline companies before joining JetBlue. JetBlue’s comparative advantages are demonstrated as following areas: * Offer passenger great experience by providing new aircraft, free Live TV, high quality customer service and most importantly, it offers this great service with low fares, and this is attributed to its fuel efficient strategy (6.98 cents versus an industry average of 10.08 cents) * Advanced technology allows JetBlue to calculate the weight and balance of the aircraft and also equip cockpits with security equipments. * Building strong employee morale through generous compensation and passionately communicating the company’s vision to employees can provide employees with greater motivation and it is good for the company in a long term prospective. Advantages and

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