Continental Data Mining Project

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Predictive Analytics at Continental Airlines Continental Airlines has issued an RFP and would like to choose one consulting company to help them become a better data-driven organization. As they evaluate the RFPs, Continental Airlines would like to gauge your: 1) Ability to conduct an analytics project and gain insights from data (Weight: 70%). • Continental Airlines has provided you with an old dataset and would like to gauge your ability to conduct predictive analytics using this dataset. • You are welcome to employ any predictive analytics technique to analyze the data. As you analyze their dataset, please provide some details about: 1) business understanding (make reasonable assumptions, if you want); 2) data understanding and preparation; 3) modeling and evaluation; and 4) deployment. Providing a process for analytics would help convince Continental Airlines about your ability to conduct a predictive analytics project. To demonstrate the breadth of your expertise, please plan to show an application of one supervised and one unsupervised1 predictive analytics technique. As you present insights it would be great if you could show an interesting way to visualize the insights – you can always use IBM’s ManyEyes. • The details about the dataset are provided on the next page. 2) Vision with respect to how analytics can help provide insights (Weight: 30%). • As you describe your predictive analytics vision for Continental Airlines, please be specific with respect to: 1) example business questions Continental Airlines can ask; 2) data that would be required; and 3) analytics that can be performed. In the end, the project that is chosen would be the one that not only that shows how predictive analytics can be used in one example (that is, using the provided dataset) but also the one that presents the best business case for predictive analytics at Continental Airlines. As

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