Qnt/561 Business Research Methods Part 1 Paper

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Business Research Methods, Part 1 Brenda Callahan, Jerilyn Collins, and La Tonya (Team C) University of Phoenix Applied Business Research and Statistics QNT\561 Rene Cinitron March 14, 2012 Business Research Methods, Part 1 Research is an integral part of building a strategic platform and implementing successful measures within an organization. Research includes several key factors to ensure the desired results are achieved. Developing the appropriate research question is crucial in solving quandaries. Additionally, determining the appropriate research design and identifying a sample design for collecting data are factors for study. “Research is a process of finding facts and arranging them in such a manner that information is obtained regarding any fact, figure or phenomenon. Research process has been…show more content…
The Leap test research design is developed with strategies of scientifically-based research that addresses strengths and weaknesses of targeted students. Seven strategies are used to develop the design of the standardized test, According to Louisiana Department of Education (2012), Data-Driven Decision Making is described as,” collecting, analyzing, and using numerous types of data effectively are important components of Accountability and School Improvement.” Curriculum alignment is a testing tool used to ensure accurate content that is aligned with curriculum instruction, age appropriate learning, and knowledge based instruction. The Professional development model

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