Why Did I Enroll in Jrotc

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Why did I enroll in JROTC? I always seek places for improvement. I thought that JROTC would help me to find ways to improve on my weaknesses and help me to strengthen my strengths even more. JROTC main mission is to “motivate young people to become better citizens”, and I want to be a part of those young people. This program also builds leaders. Leadership is very important in the generation that we live in now. If we had no leaders or leadership or communities, schools, jobs, states and countries would be a complete disaster. Discipline is also something that I need to improve on. I also enrolled to help me determine if I want to join the Air force, and I know if I do wish to join the Air force I would need all the values and qualities that JROTC teaches to their students. I’m also trying to surround myself with positive peer pressure rather than negative peer pressure. I look forward to this class because I know that it is going to be very challenging and demanding. The class should help me to focus better on my education and life. You need structure to keep things in order and to keep chaos down. Structure always seems to make things move smoothly and properly. I think this will also be a good experience to try something different and new. I wanted to be different and accomplish mile high dreams and hopefully this course can help me achieve that. Not only did I choose to participate in this program for academic reasons. I choose it for physical training. This program also does a lot of community service which not only looks good on your college transcript, but it helps people realize the true meaning an value of it. All of these things are the main reasons why I enrolled in JROTC. PT workout plan (make up for absence on 9/27/12) * Mile run- 8 minutes at the most * Stretch- 10 minutes (exercises vary) * Pushups (10-4 counts)-2 minutes *
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