Aviation Operations National Diploma

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In this assignment I will be identifying my qualifications, experiences, skills and attributes. I will be focusing on my career development. I will be producing an honest and realistic audit of my aspirations for a career in the aviation industry. Qualifications. When at secondary school I started my GCSE’S when I was in year 10, I did two years of GCSES’S to obtain academic qualifications. After the two years I achieved GCSE’S in English, ICT, History, Geography, R.E and Science. In all of these subjects I got grade C and above which allowed me to go on to do a Vocational qualification at West Thames College. At college I am doing a Vocational qualification, I am doing a BTEC National diploma in aviation operations which will last for 2 years starting in September 2011 and finishing in June 2013. After I have completed the course I will have qualifications that are equivalent to 3 A levels which will allow me to go onto to employment or continue education at university. In 2009 I started Air Cadets and since then I have achieved records of achievement in gliding, flying and first aid. I have attended training courses in first aid in 2010, where I was taught on how to correctly perform CPR and how to deal with heart attacks, burns, cuts and broken bones. I have also been taught how to move somebody into the recovery position if needed. I am currently undergoing training for my PPL which consist of me having lessons with an instructor; I will eventually be allowed to fly solo until I have a minimum of 45 hours to obtain my PPL. Own Experience. I have not yet been employed by anyone however I have been looking for part time work to help fund my PPL training. I have done work experience in 2010 where I worked at Hillingdon Hospital for 2 weeks. During the two weeks I had the opportunity to practice my communication skills with other members of

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