Unit 003 Essay

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Task C Create a career pathway plan for yourself, indicating what opportunities are open to you as you progress in your chosen career. Indicate what you will need to learn or any qualifications you might need to gain in order to achieve your goals. Identify sources of information to help you achieve your goals. 1. Doing my level 2 in childcare and YMCA. This will take me a 12 months to complete with this I will also do functional skills English and ICT. I found out about YMCA though my boss. I will be attending training on Mondays in Stockport. After doing this course i will be a qualified level 2. 2. I will then my redoing my English GCSE at YMCA. I learned about this from my English teacher Ben at YMCA. 3. After passing my GCSE I will be moving on to my Level 3 childcare this will take me 24 months to complete I will be doing this at YMCA training. I have got careers advice of head of sk1 arts. 4. Moving on from my Level 3 I’ll be working alongside my dad’s business and open my own nursery. I have got career advice of my dad about opening my own business as he has had a lot of experience. To do this I will be doing a Business course I have research different college website but have decide yet. I hope to get my business of the ground in a year maybe more. While doing I will be do a safeguarding course to become a safeguard leader this will cost £500. I have got all this information watching my dad setting up his business over the years
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