Information systems in global business today

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Chapter 1 Information Systems in Global Business Today Laudon & Laudon Review Questions 1. Describe three ways in which information system are transforming business.  Communication — cell phones, BlackBerry, handhelds, e-mail, online conferencing, and international teleconferencing over the Internet have all become essential tools of business.  Media markets — access to news online, reading and writing blogs, and increases in e-commerce and Internet advertising.  New federal security and accounting laws — spurring the growth of digital information. 2. Describe the qualities of a digital firm. Why are digital firms so powerful? A digital firm is one in which nearly all of the organization’s significant business relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled and mediated. Qualities of a digital firm include:  Core business processes are accomplished through digital networks spanning the entire organization or linking multiple organizations.  Key corporate assets –intellectual property, core competencies, and financial and human assets –are managed through digital means.  Digital firms sense and respond to their environments far more rapidly than traditional firms, giving them more flexibility to survive in turbulent times.  Digital firms offer extraordinary opportunities for more flexible and global organization and management.  In digital firms, both time shifting and space shifting are the norm. Digital firms are powerful because they extensively use Internet technology for electronic commerce and electronic business to manage their internal processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, and other external entities. Because a digital firm relies heavily on information technology to enable, mediate, and streamline its internal and external

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