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Dell Inc. Case Paper Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you respond to the Dell case study and answer the following questions: Why does L5 incur higher manufacturing and logistics costs than L6? Identify costs incurred by L5 and not by L6. Identify any costs incurred to only L6 and not L5. Which of the six proposed manufacturing solutions should Dell implement based on survey results (Fig. 6-1)? Why? What are the pros and cons of this recommendation? What would you do if the chipset supply shortage further deteriorated? How good is the methodology employed by the Business Process Improvement (BPI) team to determine the optimum manufacturing option for Dell? Are there more effective approaches? What changes need to be made in the supply chain for Dell to effectively address the root causes contributing to the increase of L5 manufacturing? What would be the effect of these changes? What have you learned from this case study that you would be able to apply in an organization where you have previously worked or currently work? The influence of the Internet and e-commerce on the economy in general, and business practice in particular, has been tremendous. Changes are happening rapidly. For instance, the direct-business model employed by industry giants such as Dell Inc. and enables customers to order products over the Internet and thus allows companies to sell their products without relying on third-party distributors. Similarly, many companies reported that business-to-business e-commerce provides convenience and cost reduction. In parallel, the Internet and the emerging e-business models have produced expectations that many supply chain problems will be resolved merely by using these new technology and business models. E-business strategies were supposed to reduce cost, increase service level, and increase flexibility

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