Mt459:Consumer Behavior Unit 9

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The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Consumer Behavior Kaplan University MT459: Consumer Behavior Professor Richard Caldarola October 22, 2012 I. THE ADVANCEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL REVOLUTION. A. Types of digital technology that is used by consumers all over the world. B. Other forms of digital technology that is expected to be utilized by consumers that involves linking to the internet. II. THE NEW MARKETING CHOICES THAT THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION USE THAT CHANGES CONSUMER BEHAVIOR A. Ways that the digital revolution has changed the consumer behavior as a result of marketing choices. B. The different roles that consumers have in marketing that impact their behavior. III. HOW THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION HAS CHANGED THE STRATEGIES IN WHICH CONSUMERS SEARCH FOR AND PURCHASE PRODUCTS. A. The process that consumers used in purchasing a vehicle in the past. B. How the internet is now utilized to assist consumers in the process of purchasing a vehicle. C. The effectiveness that digital experiences have on consumers and how they are influenced and impacted. IV. HOW THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION HAS CHANGED THE CONSUMERS SHOPPING EXPERIENCES. A. There are many digital tools that consumers use that can assist them in shopping. B. The percentage of sales is increasing dramatically and is expected to increase with the assistance of digital tools. C. Surveys of Home Accents proves that there is an increase in engaging social networking sources to shop and marketers use it to run their business. V. DIGITAL REVOLUSTION EXPOSURE TO SCREENS IMPACTS THE PURCHASE AND BEHAVIOR OF THE CONSUMERS A. Accessibility and features of digital tools that impacts behavior and expectations of consumers. B. Technology gives consumers instant results, advice, and personalization through devices which impacts
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