Why Do Consumers Crave Brands?

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Name Instructor’s Name Class Information Date Why Do Consumers Crave Brands? In recent years, there has been a keen interest in consumer behavior, especially vis-à-vis companies. It can be said that nearly every company, large and small, now utilizes social media to create “brands.” “Brands” in this case can be described as a personality that the company assumes and projects in an attempt to create an overarching story describing its philosophy, products, and mission. These brands are carefully constructed and used to target certain demographics to convert them into consumers with long-lasting brand loyalty. Companies do so with varying degrees of success. Brand loyalty is generally described as a strong positive feeling that a consumer may feel regarding a company, which can occur because of a number of factors, including but not limited to the perceived quality of the products, the saliency of the company’s mission statement, and a company’s projected personality and reputation. A pertinent point that must be raised in discussing brand loyalty and company brands overall is one that encompasses both the brand’s message to consumers as well as the consumers’ own agency in the process. Consumers are not simply passive receivers in the brand game; rather, they are key players that use brands to make purchasing decisions that reflect their lifestyles, financial situations, and personal views and beliefs. Though some people may deride the desire to purchase a company’s products based on its brand, this desire is in fact an exercise in consumer decision-making power and, therefore, a result of the consumers having the ability to choose which companies are the best fit. In fact, brand loyalty and the ability of consumers to choose which brands they crave is a positive trend and should be supported. According to Alexandra Langer of the European University Viadrina
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