Information Is Not for the Feint-Hearted

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Information is Not for the Feint-Hearted Information or knowledge is power. Many years ago this statement was true. In times gone by political leaders and even members of the church kept vast amounts of information to themselves in order to control or manipulate the cultures in which they lived. How times have changed. Information is now so easily obtainable with the advent of the Internet. People have access to just about anything, from research papers, to the latest news, music, and movies. All it takes is a search on google and the information is there, on screen within a few seconds. What are the advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information? One advantage of being able to access such information so easily is the fact that you don’t have to rummage through mountains of paperwork or books to find what you are looking for. This is especially helpful for students or research assistants when completing assignments or papers. Another advantage is that easily obtainable information is convenient. People can find news or listen to their favorite song, access video clips and chat with their relatives or friends online all at the same time. It has made the world smaller and more connected than at any point in history, especially with the invention of iPads, iPhones, computers, and mobile devices. A disadvantage of easily obtainable information is whether the information is actually credible or not. Many people look for information on the Internet giving no thought as to whether the information is actually trustworthy or not. There are some sites that look like they have correct information yet they may not be affiliated with certain groups or entities that endorse the copy or the information that the site contains. Misleading information can cause people to make unwise decisions about all sorts of life’s struggles from financial issues,

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