Influence of Internet Essay

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THE INFLUENCE OF THE INTERNET. THE INFLUENCE OF THE INTERNET. Today, the Internet is a big part of almost everyone’s lives. People use the Internet to do a great deal of things, such as watching live stream video, catching up on the latest news, and reading each other’s blogs. But still, many users of the Web have asked the question “Is the influence of the internet good or bad? Surely, there are bad influences if there are good influences.” Yes, they are right in saying that if there are good influences, there should be bad influences as well. The internet makes our life easier by providing all the information a person would need in their daily lives e.g. if a person wants to know how to cook they can go on line and check it on a cooking website just type in the food you want, if a child needs help with homework they can check it on line on a history website, you can have video conferences and calls online (skype etc.), and it answers almost every question we can think of. The internet also makes information worldwide so it will be easier to find things you need like, for example, instead of looking in thousands of libraries for a book you can just search it up on the internet. Some cons of the internet are that it allows everybody to speak about everything under the protection on anonymity- racism, instigation to violence have a strong voice over the Internet. Another con is that the Internet makes us more lazy - we don't try to make things, to experiment, we just google it and find the solution without too much trouble. In conclusion, the internet has had a good influence on the world by making our life easier by helping us with many problems and answering any question we can think of and the internet also makes information worldwide so it will be easier for people to find that
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