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Brandi Robinson March 6, 2013 Infant Observation I had the privilege to carefully observe an infant, “KP”, for about one hour in an infant classroom at St. James Methodist Learning Center. St. James has a Better Beginnings program. The classroom has one teacher and four infants. The classroom environment is very safe and clean for the infants to explore the classroom. Before entering the classroom you must remove you shoes to keep the ground safe and clean for infants to roam around. There is a washing area to be able to wash your hands and the toys. There is a refrigerator and microwave for bottles and infant food. The room is full of pictures on the wall with people the infants recognize at their eye level. There are developmental toys scattered around on the floor to provide infants with a variety of challenges. The teacher sits on the floor spending time, and playing with all four infants. The classroom floor was mostly carpeted except for the diapering and food preparation area. The furniture in the classroom is designed for their comfort. There are two rocking chairs so teachers can feed and rock babies comfortably. There are four cribs about a foot away from each other providing the infants with comfortable bedding. The infants have opportunities to climb, crawl, roll, and scoot safely on structures specifically for them. The infant classroom provides a safe, comfortable, clean environment in which children can spend productive, enjoyable days with their friends and teachers. The infant KP is twelve months old. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and round cheeks. KP can crawl, walk, and speak babbling. At the start of the observation KP followed the teacher around the room. She had a pacifier in her mouth. The teacher sat in the floor and read a book to her. As the other children made their way to the teacher,

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