Observation on Children with Special Needs

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Child with Special Needs Observation Report 1 By April Arevalo Child 68 October 1, 2010 General Information Hawthorne Elementary School 705 West Hawthorne St Ontario, Ca 91762 Inclusive Early Childhood Education Program that is government funded for preschool age children (ages 3-5). This school (program) in an inclusive classroom that has placed students with disabilities in a normal classroom; “Majority of my disabled children have a hearing impairment, down’s syndrome, or a suspected form of autism, but these children are taught in a regular classroom, and have the capabilities to learn basic knowledge as any other “regular” child in this room!” as Mrs. Kamaski puts it. Mrs. Kamaski’s 3-year-old class, who is the head teacher Ms. Sutton, co teacher (seemed to mainly work with the disabled students) Tracie, aid Christopher Age 3 The child I chose to mainly observe is a 3-year-old boy named Christopher. Christopher has long dark shaggy hair, warm brown eyes, medium brown skin, and appeared to be of Hispanic decent. He had a red shirt with blue jeans, and Thomas the Train sneakers. He was also, and most obviously, wearing a headband type-hearing aide with several magnet type pieces all along the sides and top. The more I observed Christopher, I noticed his ears were severely deformed and that is the reason for his larger than average hearing aide headset. At that moment I realized the reason behind his longer than average length hair, to maybe hide his misshaped ears. Classroom Activity For my classroom observation I had the opportunity of sitting in on an Inclusive Education Preschool age classroom of 3-year-olds. I called a head of time to inform the head teacher, Mrs. Kamanski, that I would be observing in her classroom October 4th and 11th for two hours each. She was very thorough and upfront with me that the
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