Competency Goal 8: Self

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Jody Foster Competency Goal III To support social and emotional development and to provide a positive guide Functional Area 8: Self I strive to provide a safe, secure and educational environment. My goal is to make my infants feel very special, loved, and well cared for. I do this by treating each infant as an individual with his or her own needs and unique characteristics. I like to start each day by saying good morning to each infant individually. My co-teacher and I try to never be out of the room at the same time. This is important because infants’ need stability. Having different people in and out throughout the day can cause feelings of insecurity. Some examples of what I like to do in my infant room are to use laminated family photos made into booklets to interact with my infants. I like to use the stuffed toys and puppets in my room to help comfort fussy infants. I sing songs, play patty cake, look at and read books, and talk to my infants throughout the day. These are the things that I do to help support my infants’ social and emotional development, and give them positive guidance as they learn and grow each day. Functional Area 9: Social I support the social and emotional development of my infants by providing positive guidance. I do this by creating a personal relationship with each infant…show more content…
I create a loving and trusting environment by being warm and responsive to their needs. I use a gentle touch and a soft voice as I redirect them. My co-teacher and I work together on their individual and routine schedules, such as napping, eating and diapering. I talk with the parents about their thoughts on childrearing and try to use the ones that are appropriate for our classroom. I strive to organize my classroom environment and schedule to prevent problems. I feel confident that my young infants and mobile infants feel that they are in a loving and trusting environment every
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