Cda Competency 1 Essay

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Competency Statement 1 To Establish and Maintain a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment I strive to provide an environment that is both a physical and emotional safe haven. Focusing on meeting their basic health needs and allowing for a fun learning experience. Function Area 1: Safe Environment Preschoolers are naturally active and inquisitive, therefore not always aware of hazards or behaviors that could cause injuries. I try to achieve this is by: * Supervising children at all times * Having eyes on every child and doing child counts * Utilizing classroom rules: Walking feet * Daily environment checks * Loose screws, broken hardware, splinting wood * Inspection of toys and equipment * Choke test small objects * Supplies are non-toxic and developmentally appropriate. * Familiar with classroom emergency procedures * Prepared for emergences through role-playing and monthly fire drills. * Provide an emotional safe place helps promoting independence and confidence. * Using positive reinforcements, acknowledging and validating feelings * Suggest and model appropriate social emotional responses Function Area 2: Healthy Environment Children’s immune systems are less mature then an adult, making them more susceptible to germs. Creating a germ-free environment but teaching them the importance of preventative hygiene measures is vital. * Teachable moments can be fun with songs, books and visual reminders * Visuals are strategically placed near sink, tissues and trash. * Being aware and pin point possible germy surfaces. * Mouthed items are separated and washed. * Supporting parents in caring for child’s medical & immunization needs * Teaching the importance of good nutrition, healthy eating habits and dental hygiene Function Area 3:

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