Cu2940 – Work in Partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and Young People Settings.

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Good communication skills are essential for childcare professionals, because they help them to develop relationships and demonstrate that they care. We communicate with parents, professionals and children. Ways in which we do this are:- • Daily Diaries – all children have a daily diary. Their key person will write in what the child has ate and drank, how long they have slept for, when their nappies have been changed or if they have had any accidents and what activities they have participated in throughout the day. The staff will also write in any messages for the parents, e.g. if the child needs more nappies. • Here I Come Transition Forms – Here I come transition forms are filled out in the children’s gradual admission week with the parents. The here I come hold information such as physical development, communication development, any dietary needs, what they use for a comforter, any nicknames they have and how old they were when they met certain milestones e.g. when they started babbling or when they took their first steps. This is so the child’s key person can get a clearer view of what the child’s likes and dislikes are and where to start for planning for the child. • Key Worker System – There is a key worker system in place in the setting. This is to ensure that all individual children’s needs are met on a daily basis. This also helps the parent feel more settled and reassured that the child is getting looked after to a high standard. Each member of staff will have a small group of key children, those members of staff are responsible for the care for these children throughout the day, they also communicate with the parents in the morning and afternoons and write in the children’s books. The key person will also plan for these individual children and do weekly/monthly observations on these children for their individual development files. They key person will

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