Adolescent Observation Report

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Name: B Time: 4:00 -4:15 p.m. Place: Inside the classroom at computer desk. Age: 9 years old Gender: Boy Observation Note: Child is sitting at the computer desk by himself. There are other children around playing board games and creating crafts. His eyes are fixed on the screen as he moves the mouse with his right hand and clicks with his index finger on the various icons in the game. Others are making a lot of noise around him. Another child bumps his chair as they are walking by and he is unaffected. Eyes are still on the screen. Left hand is resting on the desk. Teacher calls clean up time and child stays seated continuing to play games. Other children come into the classroom from playing outside and child closes computer game and walks over to large group time carrying green sweater in his hands. He sits down on the carpet with classmates body on the outside left of the group next to shelving. Children are seated on rug talking amongst each other and the child I am observing is silent. He ties his sweater around his waist and rests right hand on his lap with left hand holding his chin while elbow is on knee. Surrounding children are moving around and talking loudly. He turns his head and touches blocks with right hand that are in a box on the shelf. Child is not talking to anyone around him. Physical Development: The child that I observed is of medium height, had brown shaggy hair with a slender build. He displayed a trait of physical development while he was focusing his eyes on the computer. Both eyes were steadily watching the images on the screen following the images without any problem. He was able to track the movement perfectly. He was able to use the mouse while his eyes were focused on the screen. This displayed fine hand-eye coordination because his eyes never left the screen. Clicking the mouse with his index finger only, and moving the mouse
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