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Observation Activity The school I chose to observe was St. Mary’s Armenian school they work with students from age 3-5 years old and have been open since 1993. If I was a parent and had to choose a school for my children I would consider enrolling them at St. Mary’s Armenian school. It is very important as a parent to get involved and do lots of research and observations yourself before enrolling your children just anywhere. It is very important to consider your child’s health and safety and making sure you are enrolling them somewhere that teachers safeguard their well being. I was able to observe a class of 3 year olds and noticed how the teachers interacted with the children and that they were very friendly, caring, and encouraging. I was also happy to see that the teachers were experienced teachers and the children were in an environment that was warm, clean, and safe. Inside the class room there was 20 children and 3 adults which 2 had their bachelor degree in Early Childhood education. I looked very closely observing the classroom and looking for all the health and safety concerns. I like that the entire exit signs were visible and that there was parent update information board in the classroom. Teachers were making sure to go over all classroom rules before letting students move around. I also noticed that the classrooms were very clean with hardwood flooring and rugs that were installed into the floors. I noticed that the teachers were very engaged with the students and were not just standing around talking to each other they were making sure each student was safe by looking around and interacting. After each activity for example snack time, art time, play dough the desks were cleaned with disinfecting wipes and all children washed hands. During outdoor activity teachers made sure the play area was safe and counted all students before heading outside.

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