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How does it reflect the scope and purpose of the sector Nursery A nursery tends to be for working families as they take children from six months till five years and run sessions between 7am and 6pm. They follow the EYFS to ensure that each child has an individual approach to their learning and development. Nurseries will work along the parents to keep a similar routine as home within the setting and all the child’s needs are meet. These settings are Ofsted registered and follow government guidelines. Childminder A child minder is similar to a nursery in that they can offer long hours for working families. Childminders can be more flexible to help parents with shift work enabling the child to stay overnight or start early in the morning. They tend to care for the child within their own homes and will normally be the only adult. Their home will be inspected by Ofsted to ensure suitability. They also need to follow the EYFS for those under 5 and will record and plan activities each child’s development. Unit EYMP 4 - 1.1 Type of Setting How does it reflect the scope and purpose of the sector Pre-school / Playgroup Most pre-schools will have two different sessions catering for those who are 2yrs-3yrs and another one for 3yrs-5yrs. Sessions tend to run in line with the local primary school times and term dates. Both sessions will follow the EYFS and are also regulated by Ofsted. Pre-school is a really good way of children to start interaction with other children and adults before they start at a primary school ensuring a smooth transition. Foundation Stage Unit This the next step between pre-school/nursery and primary school. Foundation stage tend to be within a primary school grounds and offer a

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