Infant Observation Essay

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Infant Observation & Analysis Assignment A. Brief description of the room or yard The furnishings was a light brown couch, a brown table holding up a TV, ceiling fan with really bright lights, the toys put out for the baby are medal black pots, two wooden spoons, also bright yellow, blue, and purple toys that make a high pitch noise. The other people in the room are three adults and one teenager. B. Objective description of the child’s physical appearance The child is a causian and African- American baby with green eyes and light brown hair. He was on a brown and white stripped jumper with a yellow lion in the front. C. Age of Child in Months : 11 Months D. Running record from Observation of Overt Behavior: First he begins to crawl around, picks up shinny things around him. Kayden picks up both wooden spoons puts one in his mouth then takes it out and puts the other wooden spoon in his mouth for about five minutes altering wooden spoons sucking and biting down on them. Then he takes then wooden spoons out of his mouth and starts banging on the black medal pot, while banging the wooden spoon against the medal pot he’s laughing. He puts both wooden spoons down, flips the pot over and bangs his hands on the pot bouncing up and down. After ten minutes of banging against the pot, he crawls over to the kitchen and opens the shelf doors and slams the door closed on his fingers, he cries; but then does it repeatedly E. Physical

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